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Black Widow Spider Locations

Black  Widow Spider Locations

Point 1: Black Widow Spider Details

Family : Theridiidae
Class : Arachnida
Kingdom : Animalia
Scientific name : Latrodectus
Life period : Southern black widow: 1 – 3 years

Point 2: Where Black Widow Spider mostly found ?
::  Black Widow spider is found all through the world, particularly where grapes develop. They live in North America, South America and southern Europe. They are likewise found in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Point 3: Types of Black Widow Spider.
::The southern dark widow: This insect has a gleaming, dark, globe-formed stomach area. You'll know it by the red hourglass mark on the underside.

::The northern dark widow: You'll see a line of red spots down the center of the upper surface of its stomach area. It additionally has two transversely bars on the underside. Just to make things intriguing, the markings can likewise be yellow or white. The spider either may  brown or  may have red legs.

Point 4: How much it is dangerous  when someone get bitten by black widow spider.
:: According to reports, The black widow spider lives up to its reputation as one of the most dangerous spiders to humans. It is also the most venomous spider in North America. A bite can be painful and debilitating, and often causes pain in your chest or abdomen. Other possible symptoms of black widow envenomation include:

1. Headache
2. Anxiety
3. Painful, cramping muscles
4. Numbness
5. Nausea and vomiting
6. Light sensitivity
7. Heavy sweating and salivating

Point 5: Protection from Black Widow Spider
:: Protect yourself in areas where they might live. Shake out your gardening gloves before putting them on. Shake out boots or shoes that you've stored in garages, basements, or sheds before putting them on.

Here some methods how you protect yourself and your family from Black Widow Spider

::  Use it outside your home

1. Expel or diminish junk and garbage from your home or work environment eg. heaps of wood, boxes, compressed wood, tires, void compartments and so forth.
2. Keep the outside border of the house free from tall grass, weeds or bushes particularly close to the establishment.
3. Wear defensive dress, including gloves and secured shoes, when working outside.
4. Continuously check things that have been put away in the carport or in a shed or outside for bugs, networks or sacks before bringing thing inside. Keep things like gloves or shoes in zip lock sacks or fixed compartments.

:: Use it inside your home

1. Keep beds away from the walls.
2. Don't store boxes or any items under your bed.
3. Keep dust ruffles or bed skirts from touching the floor.
4. Don't store shoes on the floor or any clothes, towels or other linens, always shake out shoes and clothes before using.
5. Store sports equipment like roller-skates, gardening clothes, gloves, ski boots in plastic bags that are tightly sealed with no holes.
6. Vacuum under furnishings, storage rooms, under warmers, around all baseboards and different zones of the house to dispense with living space.
7. Keep screens on windows and fix or replace screens with holes or that don't fit snuggly.
8. Seal doors with weather stripping and door sweeps.
9. Seal cracks and access holes for electrical conduits or plumbing.
10. Remove spider webs and egg sags when found.

This is all about Black Widow Spider Location.

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