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5G Tower Radiation

5G Tower Radiation
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                                                  5G Tower Radiation 

Technology is such a way that has never end. Each day passed it become more accurate and more advanced. It is to see how far technology has come in the last few years. Wireless technology is one of the major drivers in today's technological progress and economic development.

We all know that, technology will never end, every time, every moment people think about something better. This is invented, what's next. This attitude, this mentality help people to invent something new. Like, 2G to some faster network 3G, 3G to more faster network 4G. Now its time to 5G ( fifth generation wireless technology ) is on its way. As the 5G system builds, next-generation remote systems have the ability to create expanded monetary open doors for many individuals, with increased growth and incredible web speeds to enable and enable various innovations.

But every invention has some bad phases. Though we will able to get high speed internet, but report says, " every time low doses parts of RF radiation during a wide stretch are associated with cancer, headaches, depression, tension, rest issues, and various debility. Some scientists accept the wavelength at which 5G works will cause real skin issues and eye disease.

What is 5G :

The 5G is a versatile system of the fifth era. This will do a much bigger job than in previous eras. 5G will flush portable systems to interconnect individuals, plus interconnect and control machines, objects and devices. It will convey new traces of execution and proficiency that will be able to interface to new customer encounters and new businesses. 5G will express multi-Gbps peak rate, ultra-low inactivity, huge range, and increasingly similar customer experience.

5G tower radiation :

 The current segment of the radio frequency range used by 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G LTE is overcrowded and will not have the option to help gadgets coming to the web each day. For this reason, 5G will use millimeter waves in the 30–300 GHZ frequency. These waves are 10 to 100 times the frequencies used today compared to the radio waves used for 4G and WiFi systems, which were not used before. They are called millimeters because their wavelengths flow somewhere in the range of 1 and 10 millimeters, where radio waves are on the order of centimeters. These high frequencies have short wavelengths and are completely progressively dangerous.

Shorter wavelengths do not additionally travel through the articles or far away. This implies a large number of small cell towers will be required to overcome 5G. You are likely to observe very small-scale cell towers on road signs, light shafts, on the sides of structures, on homes and in small places, and much more elsewhere telecom organizations can legally put them. So, not only exclusively will it be a lot higher frequency, shorter wavelength type of electromagnetic radiation, it will likewise be in a lot nearer to us to expanding our divestment and risk.

Does 5G network is really harmful for birds ??

5G Tower Radiation

 Many people are scared about 5G that it could be harmful to environment , because 4G itself agree with extinction of many chicken species, especially sparrows. No one can be blamed to 5G completely if they have no any sure evidence of lose of birds life because of 5G. The 5G wave is not much difference from the WiFi network which we used in our home purpose. 5G is being presented everywhere throughout the world and no any places has not be report any incident about bird death due to 5G. The frequency of 5G's electromagnetic radiation is under down then the frequency of visible light. It may not cause any ionization and probably it is may undetectable by animals.
In October 2018, heaps of birds in a park in the Netherlands started out falling from the trees and demise in the course of a suspected 5G testing round the Hague. In one report, it is also said that plenty of ducks that were swimming in nearby areas started to react unusual, they started to put their heads in underwater, that is believed that they probably tried to escape from the radiation and few of them flew away. While there is no 100% true evidence that suggests a direct link to the loss of life of birds for a one-time trial, others are convinced that the spontaneous loss of life of a huge number of birds was no longer simply a coincidence.

In the year 2018 and the month between 19th October to 3rd November, where plenty of dead birds were found. Number of those birds were 339. The municipality is unable to find out the actual result of dead birds and also they are not to sure their death reason as a result of poisoning. Netherlands Product Safety Authority confirmed that bird's death during these days were not because of poisoning or any virus infected.

While someone claim that death reason of those birds are related to experiment which was taking in that particular place and someone gives an opinion that it was just a co-incidence. But Netherlands is not the first place where such types of unique incident has occurred. few years back (2011), in Louisiana, Arkansas and some place of Sweden, there were found large numbers of died birds strangely and almost similarly.

In this article author try to give you some idea about 5G Tower Radiation and how it may effect on human and birds. Thanks for reading.

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